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G-6-23. Tuborg Greenfest "I Was There"

Creative headMaria Azarenko, OMD Digital – Digital Group Head, OMD OM Group
Author of ideaKsenia Glybina, OMD DaVinci - Account Director, OMD OM Group
ProductTuborg beer
DescriptionTuborg occupies music territory and Greenfest is their most important annual event in Russia. The Greenfest tour is massive (like Glastonberry or EXIT) with both local and international artists performing. Before the event, Tuborg runs a massive promo campaign, so that everyone can have a chance to be part of Greenfest Tour or at least get a prize from Tuborg.

But there are many similar events in Russia, so we had to strengthen loyalty to Greenfest and Tuborg, and also support the brand image among youth as "modern and innovative" in the digital sphere.

Youth spend a lot of time on social networks, not just to make new friends, but to show off where they've been.

Our idea: make an app on top social network vKontakte, that would personify the idea of "Become part of Greenfest Tour", and that would make it easy to stand out among friends.

For the first time in Russia we used manfrotto technology to create a 11392 x 7222 pixel photo, capturing everyone who was at Greenfest. Video screens made announcements, telling people to look up at a certain time to be sure they were in the photo, so they could find themselves on vKontakte. In addition, information about the photo was placed on the badges everyone got as they entered.

Once the photo was taken, it was created into an app. Using 10x zoom, the app allowed every one who was at Greenfest to tag him/herself and friends. The Giant Photo included a long list of useful functions: zoom in/out capabilities like Google Maps; photo tagging as well as the possibility to hide tags; “invite a friend” for easy virability; fullscreen / windowed view for better searching. Tags immediately showed up on each person’s page in vKontakte.

The app was available for 2 weeks on vKontakte, and was promoted via posts from the Tuborg group and using targeted invitations. After 2 weeks the app and all of the tags were moved to greenfest2011.ru, where it will remain active until the next Greenfest Tour.


Approximately 1.5 mln invitations were sent. Total number of app users: 15,244. Average number of unique users per day: 1,466. Most active users: youth aged 18-24. Total tags: 2,207 – every 5th person at Greenfest was tagged in the app.
Team membersKsenia Glybina, OMD DaVinci - Account Director, OMD OM Group
Alexey Ratnikov, OMD DaVinci - Senior Media Manager, OMD OM Group
Julia Bondarenko, OMD DaVinci - Managing Director, OMD OM Group
Maria Azarenko, OMD Digital – Digital Group Head, OMD OM Group
Julia Fayda, OMD Digital – Digital Manager, OMD OM Group
Ilya Tsinker, OMD Digital – Senior Digital Manager, OMD OM Group
Elena Ivashenko, OMD Digital – Digital Manager, OMD OM Group
Galiya Karimova, OMD Digital – Senior Digital Manager, OMD OM Group
Alexander Yendovin, OMD Digital – Director, OMD OM Group