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G-6-32. 3G-menu

AgencySalmon DDB
Creative headAleksandr Zazheko
Author of ideaAleksandr Zazheko
DescriptionWhat can a visitor do while awaiting the order? Get bored? Stare out of the window? Look through the menu? Why not? But it won’t be just the usual one – it will be a specially designed 3G-menu by velcom offered by a waiter together with a modern 3G-smartphone. 3G-menu «dishes» are real virtual delicacies: web sites, photo blogs, funny videos and games. Scanning QR-code with smartphone, visitors can enjoy the virtual dishes and feel the most important advantage of 3G-Internet – its speed!
Team membersAleksandr Zazheko, creative director
Daria Herasimenko, senior copywriter
Tatsiana Buhovets, art-director
Vasilina Riabtseva, manager