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G-9-7. Startups: challenges of strong business ideas

AgencyDEFA Interaktiv
Creative headVadim Igonin
Author of ideaVadim Igonin
ProductKIA Optima
DescriptionIn 2012, the business class vehicle KIA Optima appeared on the Russian market with updated equipment as one of the best in its segment in terms of the price to quality ratio. An online marketing campaign was implemented to attract the target audience, based on the currently rather popular subject of “business startups”.
There’s no need to waste your energy and money on meaningless business projects; if you want to become a successful figure in the business sphere, just buy yourself a KIA Optima. With such a vehicle, one can quickly and easily gain status and success.
Implementation: Four mythical business stories were invented in which the actor played the roles of entrepreneurs sharing their “startup experience”. Each story ends the same way: would-be entrepreneurs acquire the status they covet through the acquisition of a KIA Optima.
We present you one of them.
Team membersArt direction: Nazir Khasavov
Project management: Alla Alexandrova, Yuri Stepanov, Alexandra Puzatova
Design: Nazir Khasavov, Anna Kobtseva, Ruslan Mirsalikhov
Copywriting: Slava Malakhov
Video post-production, Mikhail Konovalov
Flash development, Motion design: Vladimir Minaev
Programming: Alexey Kazakov, Ivan Kocheev