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H-3-12. Vdokhnoveniye - You Inspire Me!

Creative headJulia Tkacheva, OMD Digital Media Manager, OMD OMD Group
Author of ideaDmitry Mordashov, Neuron Managing Director, OMD OM Group
ProductVdokhnoveniye chocolates

Vdokhnoveniye (translates to "Inspiration") is an old Soviet brand, and its core loyal audience are an older generation.

The younger generation eats a lot of chocolate, but not very much Vdokhnoveniye.

The main goal for 2011 was to increase sales in this way:
- by attracting more young consumers (18-35)
- to stimulate consumers to give each other Vdokhnoveniye because it expresses the brand idea "Vdokhnoveniye is the best gift to express a compliment to someone who inspires you."


Internet in Russia is a great filter to reach a young audience, with 85% of Russia's 18-35 year old population active internet users.

Social network Odnoklassniki ("Classmates") is one of the top 5 resources in Russia, and over 50% of our target audience is registered there.

A key activity on Odnoklassniki is sharing photos. Over 20 billion photos are viewed per month.

We also noticed that in fact, people tend to use Odnoklassniki like a dating site. And to meet people, they rate photos (using the site's scale of 1-5, or a paid-for rating of 5+).

That insight was key to our campaign.


We integrated into the sites functional architecture, and created a new, branded way to rate photos: a "You Inspire Me" button, that any user could click to rate any photo on the site.

To say "You Inspire Me" is a very desirable compliment. We made it fast and easy to say that to someone you like.

Using the button, users both sent and received most tender emotions.

Media results:

-More than 25 million "You Inspire Me's" were sent within the first 24 hours of the campaign.

-In one month, over 24 million people received 377 million "You Inspire Me's". That's an average of 15 ratings per user.

-The number of photos viewed with a "You Inspire Me" rating reached to more than 12 billion!

-Putting it another way, it's the same as if every person in the world saw the button at least 2 times.

-Our project was the most successful special project on Odnoklassniki in the history of the social network.

Business results:

-Sales of Vdokhnoveniye chocolates in boxes in Dec'11-Jan'12 grew +43% compared to Dec'10-Jan'11.
-Sales of Vdokhnoveniye in bars grew +34% in the same period.

-In the category "chocolates in boxes" Vdokhnoveniye was the fastest growing brand in the category in 2011!
Team membersDmitry Mordashov, Neuron Managing Director, OMD OM Group
Alexander Balashov, Neuron Sr. Media Manager, OMD OM Group
Ekaterina Pugina, Neuron Media Specialist, OMD OM Group
Julia Tkacheva, OMD Digital Media Manager, OMD OMD Group