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H-3-5. Mobile application "Zombie taxi: Moscow drive"

Creative headAreg Safaryan
Author of ideaTRAFFIC
ProductTvigle's horror chanel
DescriptionThe most popular channels of the Tvigle web portal were previously those that showed comedies, soap operas and science fiction while the horror channel was substantially behind them. In order to increase its rating the company Tvigle Media has bought the license for a few top-rated series, but during the first three months of screening the channel’s traffic growth appeared to be lower than expected - only 8%. Our aim was to propel the horror channel to Top-3 channels within the Tvigle Media project while increasing its traffic by 30%. The campaign strategy lies in creating touchpoint with the audience.

Several taxi companies that used a mobile appication with which their clients could order a taxi have been selected to participate in the project. Unsuspicious people got into a car, driver turned on some frightening music, shut the door and started moving. Beyond that we also replaced windshield washer fluid with the artificial blood. The blood on the windshield displayed encrypted QR-code which could be decoded by a smartphone. It started a unique application with augmented reality technology that allows you to knock down monsters on the road while being in the taxi.
Team membersValeriy Sivtsev - head of studio;
Julia Udovenko - Marketing And Strategic Planning Director;
Alexander Kim - managing partner;
Areg Safaryan - creative director.