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I-2-1. Communications Program for National Association of Disabled of Ukraine

AgencyTalan Group (Pleon Talan, Talan Communications)
Creative headAnna Riznyk, new business manager of Talan Group (Talan Communications)
Author of ideaSvetlana Dolinskaya, creative group head of Talan Group
ProductNational Association of Disabled People of Ukraine
DescriptionIn the society there is a negative, indifferent or compassionate attitude towards people with disabilities. The agency got the task to change society’s attitude towards people with disabilities. These people are as talented as the other people and they deserve tolerant attitude towards them.
To show that people with disabilities can play, learn, built friendships, love, dance, live and even win on equal terms with any other social groups on the examples of real life stories. Disability does not affect person’s skills and human qualities in any way. The person is still a full member of society.
Team membersИветта Деликатная, Начальник Службы Управления Талантами Atlantic Group
Елена Лобова, директор Perekhid Publishing House
Ирина Новикова, директор Talan Communications
Ирина Золотаревич, директор Pleon Talan
Елена Молодцова, PR менеджер Atlantic Group
Виктория Копотилова, PR Consultant, Group Head, Talan Group (Pleon Talan)
Анна Тринога, дизайнер Talan Group (Talan Communications)