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I-5-2. Airbag for Pedestrians

AgencyScholz & Friends Kyiv
Creative headMikhail Krivorouk
Author of ideaVera Tishchenko
ProductNokian Tyres Ukraine
DescriptionThe pedestrian death toll due to car accidents in Ukraine is one of the highest in Europe – 12 deaths per 100000 people a year*
* European report on Road Safety, Copenhagen, WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2009
When the driver is in the car, Airbags** protect his life. We have developed "Pedestrians' Airbags" to protect them too while they are on crosswalks.
** In Ukraine Airbag sounds like “safety pillow”.
During 3 days 12 promoters patrolled some of the busiest streets of Kiev hanging on 24 big pillows with imprinted message “You have an airbag, pedestrians don’t! Be cautious behind the wheel”
For active involvement of the audience the special application for Facebook was created:
“ Pass pillow to the driver – remind him about attention on the road”
Team membersOlga Golovina, Account Director
Irina Boiko, Account Manager
Victoria Shpak, PR Manager
Andrey Matsenko, Designer