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J-3-4. Save the planet for children!

AgencyTDI Group
Creative headFilazapovich Sergey
Author of ideaFilazapovich Sergey
ProductHeineken Belarus
DescriptionIn 2010 concern Heineken launched the programme “Brewing a Better Future” – universal integrated strategy of sustainable development till 2020.
Its goal is achieving the status of most “green” brewing concern in the world.
Goals – Create the image of Heineken within the company as the most "green" company among brewers.
Draw attention of the employees to the initiative, fully involve in the image building.
Involve employees in the management of resources in the workplace.
(Saving of energy, water, paper, etc.)
Problem: Usually all instructions on the savings, as well as promises to management, employees do not perceive as mandatory and forget about them very quickly.
Solution: Promise to those who can’t be refused - to CHILDREN!
The basis of communication is children’s appeal to adults that they should think about the impact of their actions on our planet and to make efforts to preserve it for future generations.
Communication message: “Save the planet for children!”
Results: The programme has become a part of corporate culture: employees began to remind each other about the economical use of resources, to make fun of not economical colleagues.
Consumption of resources has been decreased by 23%.
By creating a calendar the company's employees have already saved some trees from being cut down, that they personally very proud of.
Team membersProject manager Maria Vasilyeva