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J-4-14. The most mustachioed holiday

AgencySalmon DDB
Creative headAleksandr Zazheko
Author of ideaSalmon DDB
ProductSalmon DDB
DescriptionFebruary 23rd is the day of real men and an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of potential and existing clients with an original gift.
CEOs and heads of marketing departments are real men. And what makes the noses of real men look pretty? Of course, the thick mustache. That’s why we’ll give this exact attribute to our men.
Team membersAleksandr Zazheko, creative director
Daria Herasimenka, senior copywriter
Ekaterina Trapeznikova, art-director
Anna Chaichuk, senior designer
Ekaterina Yatskevich, designer
Victoria Korshun, manager
Marina Zhuk, manager