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J-4-13. Put them in our shoes

AgencyLowe Adventa
Creative headAndreas Mielenhausen, Bruno Ribeiro
Author of ideaAndreas Mielenhausen, Bruno Ribeiro

All around the world, Greenpeace is famous for its activism and willingness to stand in the line of fire.

Unfortunately, these things are frowned upon by the Russian government.

Since no one wants to go against the government in Russia, Greenpeace has a hard time getting what it needs most: supporters, donations, and space in the media.


Tell people that the things Greenpeace is famous for are actually just a small part of what we do. That, on a daily basis, Greenpeace is a hard-working, law-abiding citizen just like them, teaching kids in schools, planting trees, recycling trash, fighting fires, and much more.


Put them in our shoes.

We made a list of top businesspeople, opinion leaders and media moguls in Russia and started looking for pictures that could be found on the web (through search engines or on social networking sites), where they were portrayed doing something they shouldn’t be known for.

They received pictures of themselves with the question “What if you were known just for the things you do once in a while?”

On the back, we explained that they would feel exactly like us.

Once we had their attention, we could make them see all the other things for which Greenpeace should really be known.


85% of the people who received the direct mail ended up making a donation to Greenpeace.
2 media groups opened their doors to Greenpeace.

Please, watch the videocase at:
Team membersCreative Directors: Andreas Mielenhausen, Bruno Ribeiro
Copywriter: Andreas Mielenhausen
Art Director: Bruno Ribeiro
Head of Production: Yuri Medvedev
Editor: Mathieu Descours
Producer: Peter Lipatov