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J-5-2. Prizes in full dimension!

AgencyProgression Group
Creative headDmitry Vorona
Author of ideaDmitry Vorona
ProductSoft drink Sprite
DescriptionPlease, find the video in 3D on the link below www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUuKjS29PP4
Agency tasks:
• Create unified creative brand platform for all activities in 2011.
• Involve TA on web site www.sprite.ru through via BTL (sampling).
• Recruit TA in national Loyalty program (collect codes under the caps and receive prizes).
We searched for such a territory that will be trendy and relevant for TA. We managed to find it - we have developed a creative platform for annual brand activities within 3D territory.
We united all brand activities: Loyalty program, Loyalty program Web site, Sampling, Bottle label and Commercial with TV-tag, with slogan “Prizes in full Dimension”. And added 3D effect.
We coordinated all activities in a way that helped to keep interconnection between them , uniting all with 3D platform. Slogan "Prizes in full dimension" united all items: 3D bottle label made sampling interactive. Within it we proposed to make a photo with 3D effect. Sampling participant should ask to be photographed and received a unique code that helped to find photo on site and download it. This code was acceptable to enter loyalty program. So sampling supported the Loyalty program participation rate.
Loyalty program site (sprite.ru) was launched on March, 1 2011 and continue working during all the year.
Sampling started on May,16 and went during 6 weeks.
Promoters in bright branded uniform actively appeal people on the streets and in the universities to get Sprite and receive their own 3D photo. Participant got information about Sprite 3D scope: 3D bottle label, 3D-glasses as POSm, 3D photos and 3D site.
As photo done, operator wrote unique code on 3D glasses for photo downloading on sprite.ru. For this purpose we created photo storage and online photo gallery where every participant could replace photo from personal cabinet to public watching.
Every site visitor could get detailed information about Loyalny program as well.
We guaranteed privacy. Possibility for photo downloading was obtained only by one person. In case of public access one could place photo in a Gallery page.
In the frames of BTL task we managed to reach maximum integrity between online and offline dimensions. It 100% sure influenced consumer brand perception as modern and youth brand. Our function was not just in sampling campaign handling but also in online campaign support, being a bridge between two realities.
Sprite.ru (except Gallery and photo storage) is being supported by another agency, but it was fully integrated in creative idea “Prizes in full dimension”. Every participant could switch site from conventional regime to 3D format.
Team membersEvgeny Lukashenok - art director, Denis Shpilevsky - designer, Dmitry Vorona - creative director, Alla Bakina - operations director, Evgeniya Rybinskaya - account director, Alexandr Vedenichev - account manager