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K-1-24. Glorix- The First Year

Creative headMike Gibson- Creative Director
Author of ideaInBrief
DescriptionThe complex task that faced us was to put Glorix on its legs, make it successful recognizable brand on the Russian market and solidify consumer’s link between cleanliness and the product.

Popular TV presenter Julia Bordovskikh helped us with it. The journalist bringing up two children put Glorix on his feet to the russian market.

The next step on our way to success was Bakterek and Nepylya – the real visiting card of the brand. These bright characters enjoy unbelievable popularity and even receive their own comic book and number of activities. The drawn history about Bakterek, microbs fighter and Nepylya, cleanliness lover perfectly explains the brand advantages and are very popular with parents and their children.

We arranged active media campaign. In particular, created a lot of bright and interesting ad inserts in magazines, popular among the target audience.

We applied to science, specifically to the best Russian medics. As a result – a lot of articles and experts recommendations appeared in field-oriented press.

We mounted co-promo with the hugiest children goods producer – Huggies. The campaign draw close attention to brand Glorix, increased the purchase in the first week of promo.

In August and September the bright and joyful festival took place in 7 cities. Nepylya and Bakterk welcomed parents and their children in parks and presented them colorful comic books, bright caps with the brand logo and photos.

Also we developed a huge amount of catchy POS-materials for X5, REAL and Metro.
Team membersOlga Buynova- copywriter
Maria Gracheva- Art-Director