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K-2-19. Antistress Installations (ambient)

AgencyAA Voskhod
Creative head-
Author of idea-
ProductArjuna yoga centre


Arjuna, a recently opened yoga centre.


To make a bold, broad-reaching statement about the new centre within a limited budget ($5000).


Give people a clear message that in the Arjuna Yoga Club they’ll get help with achieving serenity and the ability to throw one’s problems out of one’s mind. People rushing to work one morning saw four installations on the main pedestrian street of the city. These installations depicted some of the problems bothering Russian people today: all the kerfuffle around the impending global crisis, the political situation in the country, domestic troubles, work-related exhaustion.


About a thousand city residents saw our advertising “live” and tens of thousands – on the internet and TV news. In a very short time the entire city heard of the new yoga centre.

WORK. Thrown away during a yoga session.

POLITICS. Thrown away during a yoga session. (the mascot of the ruling party is a bear and badminton is the President’s favourite sport).

HOUSEHOLD PROBLEMS. Thrown away during a yoga session.

CRISIS. Thrown away during a yoga session. (The Russian word ЖОПА [ass, asshole, bum, butt, here somewhat similar to the English exclamation “Bummer!”] is what comes to a Russian mind first when an economic crisis is mentioned).
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