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A-1-8. Snickers 20 years

AgencyBBDO Russia Group
Creative headAdrian Ely
Author of ideaBalint Hajagos, Polina Zabrodskaya
DescriptionIn 1991 after the end of Soviet Union, a whole new world opened to Russians. Many western brands became available, but they weren’t still affordable. Snickers and Mars bars were the best birthday gifts, people sliced one bar to share it with the family. Everybody’s dream was having a lot. But also those days they were dreaming of having pink leggings and brick-sized mobile phones. And now 20 years later we celebrated it with two TV spots, to prove that it’s good, that not all dreams come true.
Team membersCreative director: Adrian Ely
Art director: Balint Hajagos
Copywriter: Polina Zabrodskaya
Director: Chris Hooper