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A-2-7. Samovar

AgencyCommunication group MOV!E
Creative headMihail Perlovskiy
Author of ideaMihail Perlovskiy
SeriesMyths and legends about Ceylon
Producttea IMPRA
DescriptionThe Ceylon tea is the most popular tea in Russia. But nevertheless, almost nobody knows that since 1972 Ceylon doesn't exist, and there is Sri Lanka now. At first we wanted to tell about it, but then decided that it interests nobody and that the image of a mythical island of tea where elephants live has a much bigger value. There is Ceylon, there is no Ceylon – what’s the difference? The key thing is that they have great tea. The idea: Myths and legends of Ceylon, a miracle island, as they can exist in the imagination of a common person. In a cartoon we have two main characters: the grandfather and his grandson. The grandfather tells his grandson in a playful form about his own image of the wonderful island where they grow tea and drink it every day, and the grandson imagines it as if a reality. The myths are presented in the style of the cartoon films from the collection «Laughter and grief at White Seas» - the screen versions of the texts of Boris Shergin and Stepan Pisahov.
Team membersShusharina Alexandra - copywriter, Botvich Alla - art director, Shmelkov Leonid - Director, Chekryzhov Sergey-Composer, Mihelson Anton - Producer