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A-4-6. Haunted Armchair

AgencyYoung & Rubicam Kiev
Creative headDmitriy Barsukov
Author of ideaYegor Kharkoff
ProductFlamant Furniture
DescriptionFlamant is a hand-made furniture inspired by XIX century. Inspiration means in-breathing, so we in-breathed Flamant armchair with spirit of Edgar Allan Poe, making it to declaim "The Raven".

Exorcist is coming to evict the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe from an armchair. Mission is done. Suddenly he finds out that spirit have haunted the chest now because it's also made by Flamant. Flamant Furniture. Sometimes we put too much soul into it.
Team membersDmitriy Barsukov, Creative Director
Andrey Veretinskiy, Copywriter
Yegor Kharkoff, Senior Art Director