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A-16-11. Hints

AgencyZAVOD Consulting
Creative headSvetlana Smirnova
Author of ideaZavod Consulting
ProductChildrens` safety
DescriptionEvery year in Russia, about a thousand children are killed in car accidents, and twenty thousand are injured. Most of these tragedies occur due to the drivers’ failure to use child safety seats. Many parents regard special child seats a tediously expensive, useless thing they do not need, while at the same time, spending vast amounts on too many toys for their kids.
The aim of ‘Hints’ shot is to shift the public view of children’s safety aboard a car.
The campaign’s main message is: “Safety seat is more important than all the toys”.
The shot’s idea: In Russia, child safety seats are sold in children stores, alongside toys. The video centers around toys appreciating the importance of the safety seat, its superiority compared to themselves, ‘hinting’ parents that they should first invest in what is really important and necessary for the child, and then spend their money on toys. “Even toys know what’s essential for the safety of your child. A child in a car should travel in a proper seat.”.
In a slightly ironic way, we hint how careless and irresponsible some parents are, and suggest that they should spend less on toys while making safety of their children their top priority.
Team membersCreative Director - Svetlana Smirnova;
Senior Copywriter - Yakov Krivitsky;
Senior Art-Director – Alexey Fedonin/Art-Director – Nina Vilisova;
Production Company – Stink;
Producer - Olga Kulikova;
Director - Christian Bevilacqua;
D.O.P - Sergey Trofimov;
Editor - Alastair Sinclair;
Music - Gudron production;
Composer - Andrew Callaghan;
Sound design - Pifagor;
Production designer/art director - Andrew Pankratov