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A-16-10. Passengers

AgencyZAVOD Consulting
Creative headSvetlana Smirnova
Author of ideaZavod Consulting
ProductPassenger`s rights
DescriptionPassengers are one of the most vulnerable road users. One third of road victims either killed or injured are passengers. They don’t have a possibility to affect the situation and frequently become its hostages.
The goal of the campaign is to draw attention of the state officials and the society to the passengers’ rights. Public transport in our country is unsafe. Drivers’ skills and qualification are often far from being perfect. Road accidents involving public transport especially route taxies occur daily. But the majority of road crashes involving passengers happen with personal vehicles. Tacitly and submissively passengers watch as the drivers offend traffic rules putting at risk not only their own lives but health and lives of passengers as well.
The “Right of a Passenger” campaign is addressed both to passengers and drivers. A passenger should know his rights and take care of his own safety. A driver should remember that he provides the safety of his passengers and bears responsibility for their lives and health.
The objective of the “Right of a Passenger” campaign is to turn a passenger from a passive road user into an active one and raise awareness about his certain rights on the road.
The video reel is aimed to demonstrate that the passenger’s safety depends on the driver’s behaviour and to make the passengers think of their own rights.
We call out passengers to think about their rightless status and their dependence upon drivers to whom they hand over their lives. With the help of a simple metaphor we show the inseparable link in the literal sense between a driver and a passenger, and how reckless and thoughtless the behaviour of one man (the driver) can bring sufferings to the other (the passenger). Finally the moment comes when the passenger cuts off this linkage. A passenger, don’t depend upon a driver!
Team membersCreative Director - Svetlana Smirnova;
Copywriter - Sivkov Andrew;
Art Director - Kitaev Maxim;
Production Company – Stink;
Producer - Kulikova Olga;
Director - Ne-O;
D.O.P - Joost Van Gelder;
Music: Artist/Title – Schwab