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A-16-9. Let out the steam! (Guitarist)

AgencyAdvertising agency LEGE ARTIS
Creative headAnton Tolmachev
Author of ideaAnton Tolmachev
ProductPerm art-residence
DescriptionPerm art-residence is a place where can create artists, sculptors, musicians have passed the competitive selection. They предоставлется the location and the materials. For this they convey the law (or part of the rights to their works, and also conduct master-classes, lectures, etc.

The quota for the residents of the art-residence of: 1/3 of the foreigners, 1/3 of Russia, 1/3 of Perm.

The idea of the advertising campaign consists in the fact that usually in every man that is in full swing. In the ordinary man is as a rule the emotions of some problems (money, personal life, etc.), the creative people are raging from overflowing their ideas, which are often impossible to implement in life (no place, no materials, no instruments), or boil, because there are no creative atmosphere, went Muse. Ordinary people can let off steam from the boiling emotions telling about their problems to the first comer, creative people in the Perm art-residence, by providing resources and creating a creative atmosphere.

The first part of the advertising campaign is a performance in which simple Permyaks told about their problems "to the first comer" and performed a ritual deflation couple.

The second part of the advertising campaign is a three rollers for broadcast on TV and on the Internet, which show a collective image of the Creator experiencing problems, which cannot give proper release their creative energy and вскипающий from it. As a solution - a proposal to let off steam in the Perm art-residence.
Team membersAnton Tolmachev