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B-3-13. Cold

AgencyPeppermint interactive
Creative headcreative directors Denys Keleberdenko, Dmitry Fedorenko
Author of ideaDenys Keleberdenko
SeriesNo sweat – no subtext
ProductAntiperspirant AXE DRY
DescriptionBoys love to hear pleasant words from girls as well as unambiguous offers. But what if at the same moment girls see the sweat and just flatter them not to hurt their feelings – maybe these offers can have the opposite meaning? Here we show that AXE DRY not only protects clothes from the wet stains but also prevents subtext in those flattering words.
We developed a series of posters that clearly show what can be hidden behind the harmless and flattering words of the girls.
Team membersSashko Ushkalov, copywriter
Denys Keleberdenko, creative director