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B-9-8. 110 steps

AgencyRodnaya Rech (Mother Tongue)
Creative headVladimir Vashnev
Author of ideaSergey Dobrydnev
DescriptionIn Russia everybody thinks that used cars are lemons. However every Audi approved: plus used car passes a rigorous 110-point check, so it's mint fresh.Our challenge was to change people's mind about used Audi cars. Using a limited press budget we created a new media to allow magazine readers to test an Audi themselves. We took over page footers to list all of the 110-checks - one on every page. We took the most popular auto magazines to reach the target audience and create an entertaining and simple way of introducing the very complicated system of checking used cars. Shortly after the campaign launch the client had to quadruple the hot-line personnel. One call in ten ended with a used car purchase.
Team membersAndrey Tukavkin, Konstantin Simonov