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C-2-3. Hatter

Creative headOvseikin Sergey
Author of ideaOvseikin Sergey
ProductAhmad Tea
To promote the AHMAD brand among Yekaterinburg’s youth,
using easy-to-understand language that appeals to young people.

Tea is a fairly conservative beverage. To capture the
attention of our target audience, we decided to translate the tea
brand into the language of street art popular among young people. We
covered the side of a tenement building with graffiti dedicated to the
AHMAD brand. The artwork was painted by professional artists. The
painting focuses on the tea party from Alice in Wonderland, with the
Mad Hatter as the main character.

The unique piece of graffiti—the first project of its kind
in Yekaterinburg—attracted the attention of a great number of people.
The real achievement of the project, however, is that it became the
first in a series of similar campaigns, which had previously been
thwarted by the local authorities.
Team membersStreetArt