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C-8-4. There are things...

AgencyGraphic design studio DEZA
Creative headIlona Koltynyuk
Author of ideaDanil Yartsev
ProductNetwork of jewelry stores Yuvelirtorg
DescriptionAcquisition of jewelry is not a daily purchase. Usually, it is bought with some sense, for a certain event full of emotions. The task of an advertizing campaign was quite simple - to draw attention to the goods of a trade network "Yuvelirtorg", but not in a hackneyed way.
Slogans of an advertizing campaign suggest looking at jewels from both sides: as at a jewel and as at a common thing. These are things at the same time both special and habitual, accompanying us in everyday life. The ring can, as well as the clothes, «be worn at any weather», and can become «a part of us». It depends on our relation to a jewel, on the jewel’s mood provoking us to possess it.
Team membersCopyright, design: Danil Yartsev
Project manager: Elena Palamarchuk