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D-3-15. Grandma

AgencySalmon DDB
Creative headAleksandr Zazheko
Author of ideaAleksandr Zazheko
DescriptionSometimes you long for buying this or that thing, but it turns to be too expensive. A quick loan "Shyki-dryki" from Trustbank won’t let you deny yourself in anything. You want it – you get it! Live in grand style!
Radio commercial «Shykі-drykі. Grandma»
- Two singers of satirical songs:
One, two, three, four, five,
Now we will show off...
And for our Grandma in addition
We took a bag from Gucci.
Granny with such a bag –
Shyki-dryki – oh ey-ey!
– Credit Shyki-dryki in Trustbank! Why not to live at a high rate?
For information call 465!
Team membersAleksandr Zazheko, creative director
Pavel Grachev, copywriter