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DC-1-11. Unicredit. Rain

AgencyEGO Pro
Creative headPavel Egorov
Author of ideaPavel Egorov
Product Art exhibition

The purpose of this campaign was to advertise on radio
an exhibition of artists who are not well-known in Russia. Our solution was to communicate with an audience directly “on behalf of the picture”. We selected 10 art works and made up 10 monologues inspired by these art works. One radio commercial – one artwork – one recollection. Commercials was broadcasted during 3 weeks and did not repeat it selves.


It happened in Bradford, in 1976 at the New Year’s Eve day. It was raining. I met a street dog and it walked with me. Anyway, it was better than walk all alone. Then I saw a woman trying to take a picture of me and the dog. (Laughter…) I was surprised: I still could attract somebody except the dog.
People and the City Exhibition. The best of the Unicredit collection of art.
October, 21 to December, 4 in the Vinzavod Center of the Modern Art. I will be there.

Team membersSoundproducer Anrey Kosyrev, copywriter Pavel Egorov, dictor Stanislav Klimushkin