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E-7-16. Watches Of The Purest Tint

AgencyIQ marketing
Creative headKonstantin Tokarev
Author of ideaKonstantin Tokarev
ProductЗолотые часы "Ника"
DescriptionA TVC for the brand launch of the Russian watches "Nika". The main goal was to establish the positioning GOLD WATCHES = NIKA
OF THE PUREST TINT is a common Russian phrase.
When applied to a human / object, it means "perfect”, but is mostly used for 24-karat gold.
The headline literally says "perfect watches". But OF THE PUREST TINT connotes gold. It announces the "finest gold watches" without the word "gold".
This elegant quirk made the tagline a brand signature.
Our challenge was to create a unique visual code of gold transforming into watches.
Machines were a “NO”, since the campaign was not about precision, but about material: Gold. Clich? liquid style was denied too.
Our solution was to combine an “organic” floral concept with abstract Russian Constructivism, which resulted in a magical yet legible transformation.
Team membersNatalia Stepanuk, CEO
Konstantin Tokarev, Creative Director
Anna Maksimyuk, Copywriter
Fernando Fernandes, Art-Director
Anna Sidorova, TV producer