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F-1-31. T-Platforms

Creative headAndrey Tarakanov
Author of ideaDenis Bashev
Our client specializes in production of supercomputers and high-end operating systems. For instance, “Lomonosov” supercomputer makes over 10 trillion operations per second. The main purpose of this project was to re-design the logo of the company that was not transferring any brand values and was not corresponding to the image of high-end IT-company.

We suggested a solution that fully reflects the essence of the core product. Cluster system is a base for any supercomputer, and it also became the basic idea for a logo, forming letter “T”. Resembling computer languages, the module of the logo is filled with four basic geometric figures in a free order, thus generating unlimited variations of the logo. As a result we have more than 10 trillion combinations.
Ten trillion combinations of logo for a company producing supercomputers!
Team membersDenis Bashev, Andrey Tarakanov, Marina Vlasova, Anton Kryvulia