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F-1-58. Axiom

AgencyThe Repriza Kharkiv Art Guide
Creative headIryna Gritskaya
Author of ideaAleksey Popovcev
ProductCorporate identity development
DescriptionThe task: Corporate identity development
The concept: Аpartment Complex “Axiom” is a new generation building located in the prestigious area with a dense competitive environment. The idea is to transform the issue of housing purchases into clear and simple philosophic and geometric forms.
An axiom is an established rule or principle accepted as true as the basis for argument or inference. The logo design is based on three basic geometric figures – circle, square,triangle, and three primary colors that correspond to them – blue, red, and yellow.
The slogan: Аpartment Complex “Axiom” is assumed to be true.
Team membersDirector: Dmitriy Gritsky
Creative Director: Irina Gritskaya, Kostiantyn Liakhov
Technical Director: Andrey Zolotarev
Brand Manager: Alona Galkovskaya
Designer: Aleksey Popovcev, Alona Pritula