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F-1-59. Development of corporate style for Gorilla karaoke club

Creative headMaria Plotnikova
Author of ideaTimothy Dudin
ProductGorilla karaoke club
To re-brand the restaurant.
The Godzilla Restaurant had an issue: its
expected target audience had nothing in
common with the real one. That really hit its
business performance indicators and
prompted the need to alter the restaurant’s
To protect the outlet from unwanted target audiences. For that purpose a
new brand with a philosophy unacceptable for the given unwanted target
audience was designed. At the same time that philosophy was to be
perceived as attractive by those who are desirable audience, those who
are ‘young in heart’. The idea of plunging into effervescent atmosphere of a
‘wild’ feast found its real implementation in the slogan: “Wildly tasty and
dreadfully hilarious!” thus merging approaches towards the cuisine and the
format of amusements in the restaurant. The changes covered everything
from the naming to business processes. The new brand style suggested to
the restaurant is reflecting the new philosophy behind it. Adopted recommendations on interior design allowed to further enhance the effect of the
outlet format change. All the recommendations were also included in the
brand book. The expected outcome was achieved within two months and
showed an increase in business performance indicators.
Team membersMaria Plotnikova, Timothy Dudin, Boris Zelenkevich, Andrey Zhulidin