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F-2-18. Joy of discovery

AgencyGraphic design studio DEZA
Creative headAlexander Suvorov
Author of ideaIrina Shmidt
ProductCity Express
DescriptionIt can seem that the DEZA studio has combined the incompatible – delivery service and contemporary art. But it is only at first sight.
Starting to work on the project for the City Express delivery company we’ve tried to imagine what does a person feel when receiving a letter or a parcel: astonishment, happyness, curiosity, expectation of surprise (one doesn’t always know what is there inside). And then we’ve looked for something to be a universal valuable cargo and found that art fits perfectly.
We decided to base the conception of the project - its ideological, visual and constructive components - on this feeling of Discovery. We gave the chance to enjoy the excitement of Discovery in the diverse planes and senses.
«Joy of discovery» is a real action – because of the calendar’s design. Every month we receive a new parcel and we open the packing, trying to learn what is inside. Each page of the calendar has two layers: the upper layer bears images of packings which can be teared off due to punching, the lower layer – a picture of a contemporary artist, that opens to the viewer gradually, day after day.
«Joy of discovery» is an interactive action: we tear off one leaf after another with the date of the days that has gone, gradually opening the picture of month. The big tear-off wall calendar turns out at the end.
«Joy of discovery» as a cultural action: we present for public the contemporary art, a new view on the world surrounding us and the new names. The design of a calendar is transformed to an exposition of 12 pictures: at the end of the month the unnecessary elements are torn off a leaf of a calendar, and the picture in a passe-partout can be hung up on a wall (a calendar in operation it is possible to watch on video vimeo.com/35777143).
Certainly, the special place in the project belongs to the pictures. For the project were selected the works of young Russian artists reflecting their understanding of Pleasure. Paintings are made in different genres and techniques (easel painting, photography, collage, computer graphics, illustration, object, graffiti, etc.) giving the chance to the viewer to get acquainted with wider panorama of the contemporary art.
Thus, we managed to create not only a calendar, but the whole virtual exhibition of contemporary art which can challenge the delusion that there are less joyful discovers in modern life.
It is especially pleasant to remark that today due to support of the City Express delivery company and its professional possibilities, more than 20 000 people could already discover the creativity of young talents for themselves – the virtual exhibition «Joy of discovery» was delivered to them by the City Express delivery company in literal sense.

Team membersArt director, designer: Irina Schmidt
In the project pictures of artists are presented:
January: Igor Yanovsky
February: Vadim Komissarov
March: Vasily Zorin
April: Novel Remo
May: Ania Zhyolud
June: Alexey Mikheyev
July: Anna Krasnaya
August: Valery Nibira
September: Pavel Brat
October: Inga Pavlova
November: Stas Kazimov
December: Irina Drozd

Project manager: Andrey Gorchakov, Natalia Yadrikhinskaya
Curator of an exhibition: Anna Spiridonov