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F-2-25. Watching Calendar

AgencyGraphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak
Creative headYurko Gutsulyak
Author of ideaYurko Gutsulyak
ProductRadar equipment and navigation systems
DescriptionIt was necessary to develop a calendar for Rawenstvo like a special gift for partners to celebrate its 60th anniversary. Rawenstvo produces radar systems for Russian Naval Forces and medical facilities for cancer treatment. Rawenstvo doesn’t need any advertising but it needs positive image of intelligent company with long history and philosophical thinking.

Produced equipment helped to see things that are invisible to the naked eye, to make sound decisions, and to stay on the right course. Thus, company's slogan "A steady course - in any storm" gains the new meaning. Calendar plays with two concepts – “to see” and “to watch”.

People invented calendars to watch time. Though not only people can watch time pass, but also time can watch people pass by.
Team membersTatiana Trikoz, illustrator
Zoryana Gutsulyak, account manager