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F-2-24. An art calendar for the Yuvelirtorg company

AgencyGraphic design studio DEZA
Creative headAlexander Suvorov
Author of ideaAndrew Tchigarev
ProductNetwork of jewelry stores Yuvelirtorg
DescriptionDeveloping a calendar for the 2012 for the Yuvelirtorg company, we decided to depart from the classical point of view and to make familiar things more modern.
Traditionally jewelry are shown either on models, or on impressive backgrounds. What if to connect them, to integrate model and jewels in surroundings? Our inspiration was based on technologies, in particular, on technology of displaying the images. And by simple means stories on borders of the imagination and reality began to be born. In the course of work the usual 12 pages calendar turned into the art project.
The main character of the calendar is the ordinary girl. She is not a professional model, not the glossy beauty, she is natural. We didn't use bright paints and accents in a model’s make-up, her dresses serve only as a background. The question "and who wears jewels?" put the emphasis on naturalness. The answer is obvious: ordinary women wishing to stress the beauty with the splendor of jewels and the shine of metal.
As a result we’ve got a calendar which united skills of jewelers, naturalness and luxury.
Team membersDesign: Andrey Chigarev, Mikhail Dymov
Photographer: Anna Schiller
Visagiste: Kuvabara Tyan
Model: Sofia Apunnikova
Project manager: Elena Palamarchuk
Art director: Irina Schmidt