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F-5-4. Team code

AgencyGraphic design studio DEZA
Creative headAlexander Suvorov
Author of ideaIrina Schmidt
ProductSMP Bank
DescriptionAt the very first stages of work, talking to representatives of SMP Bank, we tried to concentrate on the employees and company management fancying themselves. It became clear that the most important is the self perception as the real Team, which, at due efforts and diligence, can overcome everything. We took this thought as a basis of the general concept of the annual report and carried it to evident, accurate and clear readings: The bank is a united team of professional people. And each team has its own rules and principles, the so-called Code.
Thus, the annual report of SMP Bank is the Code of its team consisting of 11 basic rules and principles which are necessary for the achievement of the best results. Each feature of SMP Bank team is illustrated through the main features of the teams which are familiar to us in other areas: ballet troupe, a fire brigade, a construction brigade, group of climbers, where this quality is shown most brightly.
For example, for a fire brigade coordinated and fast work is the most important thing. By the same principles the SMP Bank team is guided. Thus, through parallels with other professional teams, the generalized character of the Bank is created. Each point of «The team code» is supplied by the quotes of well known and successful people concerning the team and its basic principles.
Team membersArt director, designer: Irina Schmidt
Project managers: Ilona Koltynyuk, Alexander Petrosyan, Natalia Yadrihinskaya, Elizaveta Kuleshova