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F-5-5. "Project 111" and Studio DEZA have created "the live" catalog

AgencyGraphic design studio DEZA
Creative headAlexander Suvorov
Author of ideaIlona Koltynyuk, Dina Vishnya
ProductProject 111
DescriptionThe company «Project 111» and Studio DEZA have created new «Practical guidance on marketing the gifts».

«Project 111» has been releasing catalogs showing not only the goods, but also ideas for a long time. This time the developers faced a problem of offering the original decision which would represent the goods as the tool of marketing communications, and would speak about the ways and possibilities of their use. This is how the paper catalog has turned into vivid presentation and "has started talking" human language. Catalog sections have turned into thematic seminars, and employees of the company "Project 111" acted in a role of leaders.
Working over the catalog, we tried to make each event on its pages truthful and real as much as possible. For this reason the idea of photographing the professional models has been rejected at once, moreover, photo sessions with each leaders took place during their presentations, and in remarks features the speech of leaders, their present reflections are kept. Live speech has allowed to establish direct contact with the readers and to show the profound of the company, after all only in a live format dialogue there is a place both to a good joke and to a council of an expert, and the information is perceived easily and eagerly.

The catalog concept has been reflected in the title of the edition: «Practical guidance on marketing the gifts. With pictures and stories performed by people who create, deliver, make gifts and, at last, sell».
Team members"Project 111"
Katerina Dmitriev, Maxim Makarov, Julia Kalayeva, Maxim Podvalny, Anastas Kostin
leading editor: Julia Alekseev
editor-in-chief: Dina Vishnya

Deza studio
Alexander Suvorov, Natalia Yadrikhinskaya, Anastas Zhukovskaya, Nina Kleopina, Kirill Bugayenko, Kirill Andreev, Mikhail Dymov, Vladislav Petrusevich
photographer: Alexander Artemenko
art director: Irina Schmidt
project manager: Ilona Koltynyuk