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G-6-25. Facebook Watsons Club+ First Social CRM in Ukraine

Creative headHoshva Oksana
Author of ideaPavlo Pedenko
ProductWatsons Club
DescriptionDuring the year Watsons company developed their presence in social media and actively raised the audience. This perion was characterised by 30 thousand users, who joined Facebook fan page . Those page has been used for new products launching, coponing and joint projects with suppliers. In spite of this, there were no data about amount of the real custumers among Watsons page fans and about their vale for the company.
We proposed the solution of this problem – cross-platform application Watsons Club+, which combines CRM system Watsons with its Facebook page.
Team membersPavlo Pedenko Alexandrovich, Hoshva Oksana Mironovna, Didok Igor