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G-6-30. Likeonomia

AgencyDEFA Interaktiv
Creative headVadim Igonin
Author of ideaVadim Igonin
ProductKIA Sportage
DescriptionThe objective of this digital campaign was to stimulate sales of the KIA Sportage SUV on the eve of the New Year sales season.
The reliability, simplicity and ease of operation of the KIA Sportage SUV, as well as its high level of comfort and security, have made it a recognized and popular vehicle worldwide.
Concept: Likeonomia - simple monetization of “likes”!
The DEFA Interaktiv agency put forward an amazingly simple proposal for the Digital Campaign, during which “likes” made by project participants on Facebook were converted into a discount on the cost of a diesel-fuelled KIA Sportage. For every “like”, a discount of 50 rubles was offered.
Uniqueness of this digital project:
The “Likeonomia” project is unique with respect to the deep involvement of participants: they not only received information about the campaign through online social networks, but they were also able to influence the scope of events through their personal involvement and increase the size of the discount they could obtain towards the purchase of a KIA Sportage SUV.
Team membersArt direction: Nazir Khasavov
Project management: Alla Alexandrova, Yuri Stepanov, Alexandra Puzatova
Video-production, motion-design: Mikhail Konovalov
Design: Nazir Khasavov, Anna Kobceva, Ruslan Mirsalikhov
Flash-development: Vladimir Minaev
Programming: Alexey Kazakov, Ivan Kocheev