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H-4-13. Exeptional coctails for dummies

Creative headAlexandr Khabarov
Author of ideaSamantha Edwards
ProductVodka ABSOLUT
To enhance customer knowledge about all line flavors and inform the target group that mixing cocktails at home, using ABSOLUT, is easy and thrilling. Also we wanted to share some information about the brand and its values and to reveal some secrets of mixology and bartender’s art.
Men are the target group, but they see cocktails as treats for women.
We invited seven renowned bartenders, offered them to choose one out of seven ingredient and to mix a unique cocktail, as if in a bar and at home. Also they were asked to tell customers about why ABSOLUT based cocktails are so top.
Each bartender was introduced with a detailed interactive portfolio. From the portfolio page you can skip to the videos where a barman makes his own recipe cocktail, using the very ingredient he chose. The first part of the video showed making cocktail, using professional devices and exotic ingredients in a bar, the second – making the same drink at home.
For customers to know everything about cocktails and its core ingredient ABSOLUT, we proposed them to learn about the brand history and its main values, and to make afterwards a video tour at the Swedish factory, discovering the secret technology of making ABSOLUTE.
Thereby, we managed to place different in sense and aim information within one area, gaining our end. And the product we made turned out to be an interesting and innovative tool. It was distributed on branded cds in shops and seven bars – participants of the MOSCOW FLAVORED NIGHT campaign.

Team membersDarya Makarycheva – Producer
Alexei Kopylov - Art-director
Danil Ostrovskih - Multimedia design