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H-5-19. Force of nature for the beauty of your skin

AgencyDraftfcb Kiev, AITI/ Carat
Creative headAndrey Levin
Author of ideaDraftfcb Kiev
ProductNIVEA Pure&Nature series
DescriptionTo give some joy and celebrate the end of winter dormancy, Beiersdorf launches the new series of NIVEA “Pure&Natural” – a set of effective moisturizing items, containing 95% of natural ingredients.
To support the launch DRAFTFCB Kiev started a massive advertising campaign, which includes TV, press, outdoor, sampling, and ambient. The campaign began with eye-catching daisies in the city- and backlights in March, and continued with gardening of Kiev subway platform in April. About 300 ferns were settled in the end of “Teatralna” station together with NIVEA banner delivering message of “The power of nature for the beauty of your skin”. And another 20 large figs lined up along the platform of branded columns. 6 digital projectors installed on the station provide broadcast of NIVEA Pure&Natural TV spot on the walls of the tunnel. During the whole period of distribution (which is about 2 month) a team of florists will be taking care of the plants.
Thus, despite the obvious late arrival and thanks to Beiersdorf and DRAFTFCB Kiev efforts, spring did come to the city – first into the subway, and then on the streets.
Team membersVictoria Dzubenko - Account Director (Draftfcb Kiev)
Anna Tiron - Senior Account Manager (Draftfcb Kiev)
Andrey Levin - Creative Director (Draftfcb Kiev)
Andrey Yarovoy - Art-director (Draftfcb Kiev)
Tatiana Sheyko - Production Manager (Draftfcb Kiev)
Valeria Buzivska – Account Director (AITI/Carat)
Valeriya Gridina – Account Manager (AITI/Carat)
Marina Soykina - Client Service Director (Master Ad)
Elena Shekhovtsova – Media Manager (Master Ad)