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J-2-12. FREE2B Summer Tour

AgencyDeep Agency
Creative headDeep Agency
Author of ideaDeep Agency
DescriptionUnique experience of the project

1). Project format

Event space - a huge futuristic area was placed in 10m from the seaside. At day time it was a beach, and at nights it became the venue of the most fancy parties at the beachside

2). Unique constructions

- tent S2000 PentaSpan - the unique model* of tent in the world that was developed and produced by Tentnology company in Canada
- multilevel podium in a form of a star with ramps descending to the sea
- design furniture from the Spanish company - Vondom and the American company - Fatboy
- DJ stand in a form of a wave with asymmetric lines

3). Super mobility

- The FREE2B area including all items (total square 7000m2) could be installed for 3 days and dismantled for 2 days. This mobility allows move to new location every week.

* the fact at the project start period
Team membersDeep Agency