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K-1-23. Campaign against excessive consumption of alcohol

Creative headRuslana Kharitonova
Author of ideaRuslana Kharitonova
ProductCampaign against excessive consumption of alcohol
DescriptionThis entry is a part of greater communication campaign “Healthy Russia” which has been carried out by Ministry of Health since 2009. Our objective was to motivate the audience to change their way of living and, in order to do this, to call a free hotline for consultation, to visit health centers for free diagnosis and website www.takzdorovo.ru for helpful information.
Of many things that shape the priorities and values of contemporary man, we focused on those sharing the same field as our advertising message: stereotypes, legends, traditions, wrong beliefs. Accurate and complete information can serve as a kind of spam filter, an instrument of conscious choice. This is why we sought to attract interest, to “activate” conscious attitude to the problem and involve the audience into discussion and spreading, not only people with bad habits, but everyone who wants to help them come back to normal life.
The main message of this year's campaign runs as “Let's change consciously”, and the message of the “anti-alcohol” line as “Help consciously, that is, do it properly”.
Since no audiovisual presentation for this campaign has been made, we've loaded one of the videos in "File of presentation" below. For contents of the campaign please visit mca-znamenka.narod2.ru/campaign_2011_alcohol_eng.html
Team membersCreative director: Ruslana Kharitonova, Znamenka; head of creative: Igor Boyko, Znamenka

Art directors: Alekper Mamedov, Mikhail Razgulyayev, Dmitry Grebnev, Znamenka

Copywriters: Igor Borisov, Znamenka

Designer: Evgeniya Fedotova, Znamenka

Film directors: Ilya Nikitin, Ilya Malkin

Producers: Yury Alekseenko, Znamenka; Ilya Mescheryakov, Darya Stepanischeva

Production: AC Pro и Adrenalin Brother’s (TV reels and radio); animation studio "Flashprom" (TV short videos)