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A-17-5. Love your moms

AgencyDeluxe Interactive
Creative headGeorge Pavlenishvili
Author of ideaDeluxe Interactive
Digital and web follow-up for Lyubyatovo’s new product “Healthy Morning”, whose target audience are mothers with a need for a tasty and wholesome source of energy, which helps them to take care of their family.
We developed a strategic platform “We love moms” and in the course of its implementation came up with an unconventional promo campaign “Million “I love yous”.
A heartfelt video manifesto “Love your moms” sponsored by the “Healthy Morning” brand was published on the web. The video talked about what it means to be a mother, how difficult but wonderful this role is. People who watched the video were asked to tell their mom or any mom they know how much they love her - this can be done with a customized video message. The name of each mother who receives such a love message appears on a huge wall of love confessions. As soon as a million “I love yous” is collected, the names of one million moms will be engraved on a real monument that will be erected by the company in Moscow (or another Russian city).
Team membersGeorge Pavlenishvili - Creative Director
Alexey Ermolaev - Senior Copywriter
Sofiya Shekhovtsova – Account Manager