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F-1-2. Ink Drop Fine Arts Shop

AgencyTimur Salikhov
Creative headTimur Salikhov
Author of ideaTimur Salikhov
ProductA shop - supplies for graphic arts and fine arts.
DescriptionClient: A store, that sells goods for artists - paints, different kinds of paper, etc.?Purpose: to design striking brand identity?Solution: Since the store sells goods for creation, we decided to depict a moment, when the process of creation is just being started. Literally when a brush is ready to touch paper, when an ink drop is just about to fall down and…!?The image of an ink drop being ready to drip down became a key visual element. The simple and recognizable shape has been variously transposed onto every brand identity elements. The store also acquired the name Ink Drop Fine Arts Shop.
Team membersTimur Salikhov - Art Director and Graphic Designer