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F-1-38. Maspindzelo

Creative headMaka Chichinadze
Author of ideabranding.ge
ProductChain of Khinkali restaurants in Georgia
Description“Maspindzelo” is chain of Khinkali restaurants in Georgia. While working on this project the most important challenge for us was to create a brand carrying “spirit of Georgian hospitality”. Georgian cuisine is one of the most important parts of Georgian culture; this is a cultural value that Georgian people are proud of. We wanted the logo to reflect above mentioned aspects and at the same time express the concept in a modern way.
“Maspindzelo” is a Georgian word for a man greeting guests (host). Maspindzelo - guests used to call the host in this way to attract his attention while standing at the gates of his house.
In the logo we have used graphic symbols of the attributes which are common for Georgian table. Besides that in corporate style we have used visuals of ingredients and other items that are characteristic for Georgian feast, thus make it so unique and delicious. This font was created/drawn specially for this logo.
Team membersLevan Koberidze - director; Maka Chichinadze - art director; Ekaterine Katsitadze - marketing manager