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F-1-72. Kronotsky Reserve

Creative headEmelyanov
Author of ideaSalameh
DescriptionThe symbol idea of Kronotsky Reserve was born due to unique natural phenomenon which are luckily gathered in one place – volcano and iceberg, geyser and lake, river and the sea. There is a vivid biodiversity everywhere – in water, in the air and on the earth. Thus the concept is based on three elements – water, fire and bio sphere which are fully realized in identity colours. The sun falling into water and three Kamchatka symbol animals are drawn as white silhouettes in the elements background. Due to three layers of pure colours with different texture the corporate identity appears to be multilayer, but at the same time each layer is closely connected with another. So that the objects of the earth are treated as great gifts. And you can hardly stop admiring the scenery! The reserve is the storage of nature heritage. Graceful sign shape just highlights the abstract meaning of the nature element and the simple type shades in the ПЛАСТИКА sign and severe beauty of the region.
The sign illustrates the dynamic balance and the harmony of every living thing.
The idea is to demonstrate two sides of the nature world in which each species and each element can exist only in deep interaction with the other system elements.
Team membersdesigner Salameh