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Creative headPOLARIS
Author of ideaPOLARIS
Productcorporative gift
DescriptionOn the eve of 2012 POLARIS branding company has developed a gift for its clients – NEW COOL LOOK. The idea is as simple as any brilliant idea: success is a product of harmonious unity of only three components – quality content (product), strong idea (mission) and attractive form (packaging). This harmony distinguishes from a crowd, forms an image, makes us unique.
Want to be beautiful? – let yourself be! Want to be useful? – it’s simple! Outer beauty is impossible without inner one. Beauty is always natural and independent. Beauty is all-in-one, unexpected, healthy and able to save the world. It needs no pompous Facebook likes. NEW COOL LOOK, other than its utilitarian value on a New Year’s table, reminds us that we can be naturally cool. Living not to look healthy, but looking healthy in order to live.
Why purple onion? It’s very traditional and from the other hand stands out, affordable and premium simultaneously, its natural benefits combine with special smell. Additional spice is in a play of words in Russian: onion (in Russian sounds like “look”) as product and look in English as an appearance.
Every gift was accompanied with a traditional eco-bag – to complete the ideal look.
Team membersPOLARIS