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F-8-4. Shampagner

Creative headPavel Lebedev
Author of ideaPavel Lebedev
DescriptionThe company "Aqualife" is expanding its product portfolio in the category of SD (soft drinks) with a new product - a fizzy cocktail of wine under the brand name "Shampagner."

In October 2011 the company "Aqualife" introduces a new and unique product - a low-alcohol beverage "Shampagner."

For the alcoholic content and method of production "Shampagner" is a low alcohol drink. However, in the positioning and perception of its ultimate customer, "Shampagner" can be classified as sparkling wine.

The new product "Shampagner" have a great potential to fill a niche among soft drinks, and for market entry in the category of sparkling wines.

Cocktails "Shampagner" made with natural ingredients - the wine material on the basis of one of the most popular varieties for production of sparkling wine - classic Riesling varieties.

Our studio had a challenge to show consumers a new format - a sparkling wine in aluminium cans. This is a new product at the junction of the two product categories.

Our solution to this problem - to create an allusion to the typical bottle of sparkling wine.

When creating a label, we, of course, inspired by the great labels of sparkling wines produced in the USSR in the 50s-80s of last century.

There was also an original logo font "SHAMPAGNER" involving one of the professional calligraphers from Russia.
Team membersOleg Matsuev (designer-calligrapher)