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G-5-11. Infernal Squirrel II

Creative headRuslana Kharitonova
Author of ideaRuslana Kharitonova
Productcampaign against alcohol misuse
DescriptionThis video, “Infernal Squirrel II”, was produced as a viral to a campaign aimed against alcohol misuse. Like the first viral about the “demon squirrel” this reel pictures the consequences, but in a sterner manner.
“This year we’d decided to use the discussions around the “Squirrel” video themselves, taking comments from people, eyewitnesses, friends, relatives as a base. Though the actions of the society and the state make a lot of difference, the main brake pedal is in people’s minds. The “Squirrel” is a mirror to let us see the details of the disease through the words of real people, and hopefully we’ll stop being scared and be able to take a closer look at the problem.” (Source: www.minzdravsoc.ru/health/zozh/123)
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Team membersCreative director: Ruslana Kharitonova, Znamenka

Art directors: Igor Boyko, Mikhail Razgulyayev, Dmitry Grebnev, Znamenka

Copywriters: Ruslana Kharitonova, Igor Borisov, Znamenka

Film directors: Ruslana Kharitonova, Znamenka; animation director: Eugene Gittsigrat, Ulitka Studio

Production: Yury Alekseenko, Znamenka; Darya Vasilyeva and Angela Petrosyan, Ulitka Studio