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H-2-9. Poems by Pocketbook

AgencyLeo Burnett Ukraine
Creative headTatiana Fedorenko
Author of ideaTatiana Fedorenko, Eugeniy Gryaznov
ProductReader "PocketBook"
DescriptionOur task was
to emphasize in a smart way the possibility of electronic reader “PocketBook” to store a lot of authors on the “one page”.

Creative solution
We combine well-known lines of different Ukrainian, Russian and English poets in such a way, that rhyme and meaning create a completely new poem. Some of the new poems are easy to read in three languages at the same time.
That’s why the layout looks exactly like a paper book page; even the slogan and product are the parts of the book story. Specially developed dropped initial capital reflects sense of this unique work of literature.

Media solution
We insert a real book page between the sleek magazine pages. Its amazing look and texture attracts an attention to the smart copy of the layout and stress on the compact size of the PocketBook reader.

A lot of authors in one electronic reader PocketBook
Team membersTatiana Fedorenko, Сreative Director, Copywriter; Eugeniy Gryaznov, Copywriter; Vlad Kunets, Art Director; Maxim Podolyanuk, Designer, Illustrator; Anastasia Filonenko, Illustrator; Natalia Sivkova, Account Director; Katerina Duda, Producer; Katerina Denisenko, Production Manager; "Ellen Diss", Print Production.