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J-1-24. Warm meeting

Creative headAlexandr Khabarov
Author of ideaAlisa Yasnaya
Product“Your country” mobile plan by MTS – cheap calls within Russia and CIS, to China, Vietnam and South Korea.
DescriptionMTS has introduced to the market a new low-rate plan to make calls and send messages within Russia and CIS, to China, Vietnam and South Korea.
• To launch all round ad campaign among the working migrants from the former USSR, targeting workers from Central Asia;
• To improve customer loyalty.
We decided not to wait our target group to come by themselves and came out ourselves on the Moscow central streets. Two MTS teams were roaming the streets from 6 to 8 am, trying to get in touch with the yard-keepers. A hot tea was a stepping stone for the conversation. Then we told them how the new juicy plan by MTS would help them to get closer to the loved ones, leaving them a leaflet with the detailed information. But the main thing is that we spoke with them about all the things that worry them!
At first they tried to escape the meeting, but being friendly and patient helped us to make them stay.
A priceless and deep study of the target audience was carried out in 6 weeks. We gave out 6993 leaflets, drank tea with 7007 guests of the capital. And only with 7 people in charge!
More than 1000 people called home due to the new MTS plan, and this boosted the sales by 25% without any additional expenditures.
Team membersDmitry Smolin - copywriter
Arcady Zolotukhin - BTL-director