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F-1-75. Pickup.ru

Creative headArt Director Ulyana Kojevnikova
Author of ideaDesigner Pavel Konukov
ProductTraining center «Pickup.ru»
Description«Pickup.ru» is a project for anyone who has ever asked himself a question: "How to meet a girl?". It was founded in 2004, and today it is Russia's largest training center for pickup. Several thousands of participants have already been trained here.
For this project we have developed a system of visual identification, designed the corporate style carriers and created a website. We have also developed creative and graphic concept for another project of «Pickup.ru» team – educational system for girls «Womanlove».
Brand sign combines several key metaphors and symbols, which reflect the relationship between men and women. Depending on the context, the sign can be used in different ways, and it will be well-recognized and preserve its unambiguous reading.
Various methods of treating women were reflected in the business documents with the help of clear lacquer.
We have also designed a tutorial for participants of Pickup.ru training. The illustration on the cover displays different levels of relations between sexes.
The main resource of «Pickup.ru» project is its coaches, of course. We had a photo shoot for them. The main element of it was the logo and its variations.
Team membersManager Valentin Capkov
Photographer Anastasia Vedeneeva